Thursday, 28 February 2013


Are you travelling lover or nature adventurer? Of course camera is a thing which will not be forgotten to follow you in your journey. Immortalize the moment in your journey is an obligatory thing. But sometimes there is a hindrance in choosing the lens for your camera. It’s not an easy thing to choose a camera lens. Especially if budget is being the problem.
            Although budget is being the problem, at least you know what the exact lens for your camera and your photography is, so you don’t need to make the mistake because of the inaccuracy function. So, what are the points that need the consideration?
Adjust the Camera
            The lens you buy has to be appropriate with your camera. Moreover for the SLR users, they have to pay attention to the kind of lens they use. SLR is a based system, it means that if you have Nikon camera, the lens for Mount Canon will not work in your camera. Adjust the lens platform with your camera platform, except if you want to use adaptor or choose the lens with the shared platform brand.
Adjust the Specific Need
            For the different needs, you will need the e different lens. It means related to the focus different lens. It means related to the focus range and the maximum aperture. Generally, based on use, lens can be divided into 5.
First is Standard Lens, with 50mm size. When you buy a DSLR camera, this kind of lens is a default lens. This lens which is also called as a normal lens has same viewpoint and enlargement factor as our eyes.
Second is Wide Angel Lens. If you like taking a broad object in a narrow space, this kind of lens is appropriate for you. Than the normal lens, coverage area captured with this lens will be wider. The smaller the focus range, the wider the view range. The size of this lens is from 17mm to 35mm. People who like taking pictures in landscape or making an experiment with a wide viewpoint, this kind of lens can be a choice.
There is also Fish Eye Lens, a wide Angle Lens with 144mm, 5mm, and 16mm size. With this kind of lens, the resulting image will appear curved.
Opposite of the Wide Angle Lens is Telephoto Lens. It’s 70mm more. Telephoto Lens juxtaposes the object but at the same time it also narrows the viewpoint. It’s suitable to take the pictures of sport and fashion event, or the far objects.
The last is Zoom Lens. This lens has a size that doesn’t fix, for example, 80mm-200mm. This lens is flexible because it can be adapted with the needs by the regulation size. Actually the price is more expensive, but it can be used for the varying needs.  

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